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Let Brandeis hear from you - WRITE and RALLY 5/04/06!

An art exhibit to show the work of Palestinian children from Aida refugee camp was showing at Brandeis University. Opening night was Thursday, April 27. Over the weekend, an administrator (Daniel Terris) called Lior (the organizer) asking her to end the show prematurely due to angry complaints from zionist parents and the like (please continue reading below for more details). Lior refused but nevertheless the art was taken down Sunday without notice; Lior has yet to find out where the art is. 

This art is offensive? ... because these refugee children dream of returning to their villages in what is now called Israel?? Use the interactive presentation below to view sample artwork and judge for yourself.  PROTEST at Brandeis (details below) on Thursday, May 4th.

= Click to enlarge artwork

Protest Rally

We are demonstrating at 12 noon on Thursday, May 4th on the Brandeis campus - on the square in front of the main library [Farber]. Bring your signs if you can. We will reclaim the artwork then!

This link describes how to get to Brandeis by train. Lowest level parking before you go up the hill and before the castle, is open for the public.

Brandeis is showing its true colors. It's a zionist campus that cannot tolerate that a Palestinian voice is heard. Thank you, Salma


Please contact these Brandeis officials and tell them what you think of this travesty.


Below is Lior Halperin's recounting of a phone call she got, putting pressure on her to end the exhibit of childrens' drawings from the Aida refugee camp. Lior went through all the proper channels to secure a space for the exhibit; she was relegated to the basement of the library but even that didn't satisfy the zionists.

Lior's recount of phone call:

The person who called me on a Saturday afternoon at home was Daniel Terris, director of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.

After explaining for ten minutes why I should consider him a supporter of the Palestinian cause and voice (he claims he has been involved in many attempts to bring into the community of Brandeis Palestinians and their voice), he started telling me that the exhibition has been creating a "mushroom of criticism" and that people from the right wing can easily pick to it since some of the images are very direct and since it's not very clear why this exhibition exists in Brandeis. He said that there is an increasing pressure on Brandeis in the past year against different attempts to create cooperation's and relationships with Palestinian institutions, like Al-Quds University and the employment of Khalil Shikaky in the university, and that my exhibition may create such pressure that the university will be forced to give up some of its relationships with such Palestinian institutions and projects.

He added that the university's administration has received criticism and angry reactions to the exhibition and particularly to the paintings presenting Israel covered with a Palestinian flag, and they are asking me if I can take the exhibition down earlier than planned.

To my answer that this is outrageous and I refuse to be silenced [or allow] silencing such voices he thanked me and finished the conversation.

Event description

Join us for the special opening of Voices From Palestine
An Art Exhibition of Children's paintings from Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem 

Wednesday, April 26th, 5:30pm
Goldfarb Library, Brandeis University

Ibrahim Masri has over ten years of experience working with children and families living in Palestine. He will talk about the political, social, psychological situation and its impact on the Palestinian family in general and the children in particular.

Khitam Edelbi worked at "The Early Childhood Resource Center" for 14 years, where she taught drama to kindergarten teachers and children in E.Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. She will talk about her experiences.

Salma Abu Ayyash, member and co-founder of Tawassul for Palestinian Arts and Culture, will talk briefly about Tawassul's mission and the importance of promoting Palestinian art in this conflict.

Direction to Brandeis University at: 
For further information, please contact Lior Halperin at  (617-592-4166)