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Attention: Re Hasbara, re Israeli/US Massacre at sea, May 31, 2010

[download the Israeli/US talking points]
"Various Israeli official bodies, including the ministry for Hasbara [i.e. propaganda] have sent messages to Israeli citizens urging them to take an active part in the “propaganda war”. They are told not to ask questions but rather to spread the official messages in every possible way in the virtual world: talkbacks, forums, Facebook etc.. I have the material which is mostly in Hebrew. Although every citizen was asked to use the languages he knows. The attached pdf file is in English. It would be nice if some of you can publish it on the net in order to unveil this coordinated campaign." 

Outing Zs and their collaborators - COTW on the march


Zionists have gained control of our government, our media, our schools, and increasingly the Internet. They take our money and use it to wreck havoc on the planet, make us an international pariah, and subjugate us. It's obscene; speak out. Israel commits atrocities while our government applauds and abets their crimes. Palestine is emblematic of all that is wrong with US policies. Citizens can not, must not acquiesce to zionist threats and assaults on democracy, fairness and decency. Zionists mock our values and demand that we shut up, demand that we have not the right to speak our truth. "The US gives billions every year in foreign aid to Israel. Americans would never agree to this if they knew what was happening in Palestine. That's why the Israeli lobby is so concerned about keeping the public in the dark." ~Alison Weir, founder of If Anericans Knew.

State by state

Use the interactive map below to retrieve examples of zionist control and repression in each of our 50 states and the District of Colombia; click on a state to go to its page (or use the drop down menu). Find out what repressive actions Zionists have taken, and what local groups collaborate with them, or allow themselves to get run over by them - against the interests of Americans and those we share the planet with. Find out who deserves kudos in this battle for democracy, fairness, justice and humanity. Do you have info to share?  Send your items to the email listed at top  right of this page. Thank you!

NOTE: We just started this project March 17th, 2008. The pushpins show which states have entries; once all states have entries the pushpins will be removed.